We are a leading provider of professional maintenance services. Services are provided by our own experts, thanks to which you will have the technical management of the building without worries. We provide technical maintenance, provide necessary inspections, revisions and preventive maintenance. We are at your disposal in case of accidents or emergencies. Our mobile unit is ready for fast response and intervention.

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Technical report

We will ensure the technical capability of your buildings, equipment and facilities necessary for operation. We will set up a suitable system that will save both your time and your investment. Within the technical administration, we provide not only services of revisions and expert inspections but also administrative and support services, energy services, waste management, project and construction works and much more.

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Servicing, revisions and expert inspections

Thanks to many years of professional knowledge and with a quality team of trained personnel, we will provide inspections and professional servicing. For some devices, regular revisions are recommended, sometimes even given by law. We will be a reliable service and maintenance partner to maintain the correct functionality of your devices.

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servis, revize
servis, revize

Preventive maintenance

Do you know that effective fault prevention saves you a lot of time, money and trouble in operation? We can customize your preventive maintenance program or optimize your existing plan to help you maximize your company’s productivity. We provide inspection of the technical equipment of the building and other equipment, such as elevators, lighting, ESS or heating.

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Project and construction works

We provide smaller and larger investment units of a construction nature, including the creation of project documentation and construction supervision. We will design and arrange the construction and adaptation of workplaces to meet your needs. We also provide special services and controlled Space management. As part of complex construction and design services, we offer, for example, masonry and PB works, plumbing, heating and gas works, creation of project documentation, including ensuring all legislative requirements under the contract and construction supervision.

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projekcni a stavebni

Waste management and ecology

We are engaged in the management of the waste management process. We manage and keep documentation and reporting to state organizations. We select organizations authorized to dispose of waste at the local level. With the help of technological innovations, we are able to optimize the costs associated with waste and its collection. We can remotely monitor the fullness of your waste containers of any type and size and suggest the ideal collection time.

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